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Click on the link to watch a short informational video on cheatgrass in our county


Children’s Education

Education is a valuable component of our Noxious Weed and Pest Control Programs.  We believe that education in plant identification and an integrated control strategy are keys to success.  Having active citizens in the community is paramount to our control strategy.

5th Grade Lesson Plan

Informing young learners about invasive species makes informed decision makers and conscientious citizens.   In an energetic and fun filled 270 minute lesson plan occurring over three classroom days children learn the effects invasive species can have on an ecosystem. Using a jeopardy game to introduce students to the components of an ecosystem and then transitioning into an active antelope grazing activity, to exhibit how invasive plans can affect diets of native herbivores. The last lesson introduces students to a specific weed to help them recognize and be able to report sightings of our noxious weeds and be active citizens and problem solvers.  For more information and to see how the program integrates into the Wyoming scientific curriculum please contact the Natrona County Weed and Pest. (Link here)

Deer for a Day

Partnering with the Natrona County Cowbells the Ag Expo held annually at Casper College works with 3rd graders from around the state, introducing them to the impacts that invasive species can have on deer by effecting their reproductive abilities based upon diet impacts made by consuming nutrient deficient weeds.

Adult Education

CPAL Training - Commercial Pesticide Applicator's License

Opportunity to obtain a Wyoming Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s License exists through the University of Wyoming Ag Extension office located in Casper. Materials and info regarding licensing procedure can be gathered from the extension office. 


Join us and hundreds of other nonprofit organizations, businesses and government entities that are preventing the spread and caring for our natural resources! Go to to learn more!


Early detection of new invasive species infestations and rapid, coordinated responses are needed to eradicate or contain invasions before they become too widespread and control becomes technically and financially impossible. Prevention and early detection/rapid response efforts are most effective when information is shared at the regional level.


It is going to take all of us- land owners, land managers, universities, recreationists, agency personnel, and concerned citizens- working together and sharing information as quickly as possible, to keep ahead of new invaders. We encourage you to use EDDMapS West to report sightings of invasive species; and we also encourage additional western states to join the EDDMapS West effort.

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