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Chemical Sales

Natrona County Weed and Pest sells chemical appropriate for the control of Noxious weeds and pests for use on land outside the City of Casper to residents and businesses of Natrona County.  These chemicals are available at up to a 65% cost share.  


Commercial Applicators MAY NOT purchase chemicals through the NCWP cost share programs for commercial use.

The Wyoming Weed and Pest Act of 1973 allowed Districts to collect a mill levy for the purpose of establishing an effective program on State Designated and Natrona County declared Noxious Weeds WS 11-12-104.  As part of our effective program the NCWP may sell herbicides appropriate for control of listed species.  WE ARE NOT a general supplier of herbicides and pesticides.  We would like for you to come in, get advice and find an effective control for any weed or pest problem and will at least point your efforts in the right direction.  NCWP utilizes integrated pest management practices (IPM) for long term control of pest problems that may include cultural, biological and/or chemical control.

So, I live in the City of Casper why wont the NCWP sell to me?

            The NCWP gives the City of Casper back the monies collected for city residents to operate their own weed and pest programs.  We would love to have you come in and identify weeds and come up with a strategy for management.  We will point you in the direction of our many local retailers that sell effective products.  Many of our products are not appropriate for residential areas.  

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