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Brian Connely: District Supervisor

(307) 259-7068

Matt Jolivet: Assistant Supervisor

(719) 641-4136

Mary Phillips: Office Manager

(307) 472-5559

Paula Reece:  Data Resource Coordinator/GIS Analyst

(307) 267-0872


Bridger Berry: Operations Assistant

(307) 472-5559


John Leman: Mosquito Control Supervisor

(307) 472-5559 


PO Box 1385

Mills, WY  82644

6819 W Yellowstone Hwy

To comply with NCWP funding policy, we do not sell chemicals to city of Casper residents, however we are happy to provide recommendations.  The tax portion collected from Casper residents is returned to the City for the purposes of funding noxious weed control within its boundaries.  The warehouse capacity of the NCWP is not large enough to support the demand for chemicals of city residents. Please feel free to come by for advice for any pest problem, and we will try to point you in the right direction.

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