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Phone: 307-472-5559
Hours: 7:30am - 4:00 Monday-Friday
If you need assistance after hours: Please Call Brian Connely , 307-267-3848

Certified Hay

For the Wyoming extension “hay list”, click here


To promote “weed free” forage utilization.  The N.C.W.P. recognizes that hay producers, as well as hay consumers, are a “vector” for noxious weed dispersal.  This program hopes to increase the production and use of “weed free” forage, to help decrease the spread of invasive noxious weeds on feeding areas, roadways, and public lands.



Call the NCWP at 472-5559 at least one day before plans to cut hay.  (Field cannot be cut before inspection)
The NCWP will inspect field(s).  If the field passes inspection, certified twine will be given to the producer at that time.
Upon completion of baling, bales must left on the field in which they originated until the NCWP returns to pick up any leftover twine. (This confirms the correct area is baled.  Picking up remaining twine helps to reduce the cost to NCWP while keeping it free to the producer)
When the NCWP retrieves all left over twine and confirms the harvest site, a certification form will be issued on site.  This is not a “transit”, but merely a hay certification used in local deliveries. Deliveries outside of state would require a transit, which is available at the NCWP office free of charge.
Note:  Certified twine only ties one (1) side of the bale.  The producer will be responsible for the regular twine costs.



The NCWP will list the certified hay on the University of Wyoming extension “hay list” website.  This is a free advertising tool and operators can request to be removed at any time.