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Russian Knapweed

Centaurea repens  

This is a perennial growing to 3 feet tall.

It spreads both by seed and creeping rootstock.

Numerous stems end in a single vase-shaped, lavender flowers.

First appears in the spring as a flattened rosette of gray-green leaves.

This plant is an aggressive exotic from Asia that tends to form dense monoculture stands that
chemically exclude other plants from growing in its vicinity.
Russian knapweed is often found growing in riparian areas or areas with sub-irrigation.
It is POISONOUS TO HORSES and can cause death.


Chemicals can be applied from rosette to bud stage.
Russian knapweed is generally a difficult noxious weed to control.
Milestone can be VERY effective if applied in the fall in rangeland situations.
Call your local weed district for more info.