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Tribulus terrestris

This plant is a mat forming annual.

Stems are vine-like and grow up to 5 feet long.

Reproduces from seeds.

Fowers are yellow with 5 petals.

Roots are fibrous.

Fruits break into 5 section with 2 sharp spines resemling the head of a goat.

Also called “goathead” or “sandbur”.

Puncturevine is native to southern Europe. It grows in pastures, cultivated fields, roadsides, and waste areas. The burs can injure livestock if present in hay, and are a nuisance to people and pets. The seeds are viable for up to 5 years and the tremendous seed bank present may make eradication difficult.


2,4-D may be applied to seedlings as they emerge throughout the growing season. Speed Zone is labeled for puncturevine and may be used in turf and ornamentals. Contact your local weed and pest for more information.


To help reduce the seed bank present in the soil, use a blanket or fibrous cloth and drag it along the ground to pick up the burs.