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Leafy Spurge

Euphorbia esula

This is a perennial growing to 3 feet tall.

Leaves are alternate, narrow and lance-shaped.

Stems grow in dense clusters.

Flowers are yellowish-green, small, arranged in many small clusters. The base of each flower has a pair of heart-shaped bracts that look like petals and are the same yellowish-green color.

Seeds are in a pea green, 3-celled capsule.

Roots are dark purplish-brown with numerous pink buds which can produce new shoots or roots. This plant reproduces from an aggressive rootstock and from seed. The roots of this plant can grow 20ft into the soil!

All parts of this plant contain a milky sap.

This plant is a HUGE problem in the West and has ruined millions of acres for wildlife and livestock. In Natrona County it is found mainly in two locations: the Rattlesnake Range and the Hat Six Area.



Chemicals may be applied at bloom stage or after a summer dry period when plants begin to grow. Please call your local weed district for specific recommendations.


Aphthona flea beetle larvae feed on root hairs and root tissues while the adults feed on leaves.