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Cynoglossum officinale

This plant is a biennial growing to 4 feet tall .

Reproduces from seeds.
The seeds are small prickly burs, 4 to a cluster. The seeds are velcro-like and stick to clothing and fur.

Leaves are 1 to 12 inches long, alternate, rough, hairy, and lacking teeth or lobes.

Flowers are reddish-purple and grow on stalks along one edge of the ends of the stems.

Houndstongue is native to Europe. The plant is poisonous to livestock, especially to horses. Animals may survive six months or more after consuming a lethal dose. This plant is shade tolerant and is found in riparian areas throughout Natrona County. It is especially prevalent on drainages coming off Casper and Muddy Mountains, including throughout Rotary Park (the waterfalls).


Chemical control must be done before the plant makes seed. Contact your local weed and pest for specific recommendations.


Cut down or dig up before seed production. Be aware of seed burs stuck to clothing and pets! Remove and throw away or burn before spreading it to another area!