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Halogeton gomeratus

This plant is an annual growing to various heights up to 18 inches .

Reproduces from seeds.

Leaves are fleshy, resembling a pine needle. They have a blue-green color in the spring and turn yellow or red by the end of the summer.

Flowers are inconspicuous and cream colored to green.

Stems are red in color, spread from the base, then become erect.

Halogeton is native to Asia and is a rapid invader in the western states. It is well adapted to alkaline soils and will invade disturbed and over-grazed areas, especially in time of drought. This plant is toxic to livestock , especially sheep. It is most commonly found along roadsides and livestock trails in Natrona County.


2,4-D Ester plus a non-ionic surfactant may be applied before bud stage. Contact your local weed and pest for more information.


Cut down or dig up before seed production.