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Field Bindweed

Convolvulus arvensis

This vine is a perennial with an extensive root system .

Reproduces from spreading root stock and seeds.

Stems are 1-4 feet long.

Leaves are alternate, “arrowhead” shaped, with pointed or blunt lobes at the base.

Flowers are white to pinkish, trumpet shaped, and about 1 inch in diameter.
The flowers resemble Morning Glory.

Field bindweed will climb fences or other vegetation. This plant is difficult to control due to its extensive root system. It can be a real problem in alfalfa and residential turf. It is found throughout Natrona County.


Chemical control works best when applied in the fall while the plant is storing nutrients in its roots. Glyphosate (RoundUp) may be used in late fall before a killing frost. Speed Zone is labeled for field bindweed and may be used in turf and ornamentals. Contact your local weed and pest for other recommendations.


A gall-forming mite and bindweed moth are being evaluated in the county.