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LESSON PLANS for teachers AND RESOURCES for landowners


The Natrona County Weed and Pest can help you execute these lesson plans! Please contact us for more info!

Elk Habitat and Spotted Knapweed (5th grades and up)
Indoor activity – 1 hour
This is a great kinetic lesson plans that teaches the ecological relationships between organisms.
Students will learn the affect that spotted knapweed can have on elk forage and habitat.

Exponential Growth of Spotted Knapweed (highschool)
Indoor activity – 1 to 1.5 hours
High school students will be able to calculate the exponential growth of spotted knapweed
and its negative impacts. This lesson satisfies one science and two math outcomes.

More lesson plans coming soon!!!


Books available for purchase through the Natrona County Weed and Pest:

Weeds of the West. Whitson, Tom D. ed.

Weed Management Handbook. University of Wyoming Extension. 2006-2007


Center for Invasive Species Management

University of Wyoming Extension

Invasive and Exotic Species

US Department of Agriculture

Wyoming Ag in the Classroom

North American Weed Management Association

Wyoming Weed and Pest Council

Jackson Hole Weed Management Association

Teton County Weed and Pest

Fremont County Weed and Pest